End Ageism

End Ageism Campaign from Paul Manwaring on Vimeo.

Ageing is such an integral part of us all, I find it strange that so many of us are discriminate others in some way against it. I think that a lot of us are ageist because we do not experience ageing every second of our lives, it is something that is either usually in the past or future. For instance when you look back at a picture of yourself from a few years ago. I think some of us forget that we are also ageing.

My aim was to bring us back to the present and show that every one of us is ageing every second of the day through the biological process of cell division. When our cells divide, they lose minute sequences of DNA and it is this loss of data that slowly brings about the tell tale signs of ageing.

By showing that all of us are ageing I hoped to instil some humility and empathy in the viewer in the hope they would see people of a different age not as weak or insignificant but just a human being, like them, just in a different part of the ageing process. After-all we will all be at that age in the future and should consider how we would like to be treated when we reach it.

Through the use of stop motion I wanted to bring this microscopic process of cell division into the visible world. I planned to show a selection of shots that showed cells dividing on different body parts as well as other imagery that is often associated with ageing such as wrinkles and beauty as I feel that this has a large part to play in societies views on the subject.